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Vansutha Farm Update Tuesday:

First published 9 March 2022


Vansutha Farm is located about 1 km from our home in northeast of Thailand and is owned by my wife Gaun and her younger sister Yuan and husband Lud. The daily farming operations are done by Yuan and Lud, while Gaun creates and maintains her gardens which surround the farmhouse. The farm grows sugarcane, and rice as a once a year operation and Yuan and Lud have a very successful market garden business, growing for long-term customers locally. We visit the farm for a coffee most mornings, and these visits form the basis of my regular updates, of which this is one.


You will be pleased to hear that the rain held off for the Monday afternoon markets and Yuan sold out of the produce I showed you in yesterday's post very quickly. A couple of chores happening on the farm this morning, one of which involved trying to kick-start the iron buffalo.

Not the push of a button or turn of a key.

A test run. This is the field that had all the garlic in.

This is the main job for the morning, to turn over this field because of the number of weeds growing. It will still be left fallow and not replanted yet.

Nephew Tom, adjusting the angle of the blade. The buffalo is quite adaptable, but the alterations are heavy duty in their setting. A bloke's photo.

Tom has been employed to complete this job, freeing Lud up to work elsewhere.

A big morning ahead to do all of this. Not sure why a tractor wasn't brought in.

Turning around and taking a photo the other direction. Tomatoes, coriander and lettuce growing with the farmhouse in the background.

Gaun's entrance garden has taken off, with good rains during this 'dry' season. Those are banyan trees in the back, and they are shooting up. They turn into large trees, but you can trim them to form hedges.

Passing traffic. A buffalo being used in one of its other ways (pumping water is another).

Yuan and Lud are completing the shade cloth in the second field, ably assisted by Dee Doh.

They have run out of rice husk, so can't seed yet, but new stock might become available this afternoon. I have said before many times, but it is best to roll out the cloth while the supports are on the ground, and then lift both into place.

Yuan bought 4 kilos of these at the markets yesterday for 100 baht (she negotiated him up from three kilos being Yuan). Gaun tells me it is a yam (?) Any ideas anyone?

Like a slightly sweet potato. Gaun tells me locals boil them and eat them with sugar. I tried with salt and butter and that would be my preference.

Thanks for reading.



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