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Vansutha Farm Update Tuesday

First published 16 March 2022

A quick visit to the farm yesterday because we were heading out for the day.

Lettuce ready for Lud to deliver.

Big inroads made into the available stock.

A fan for Dee Doh.

While Yuan was at the Monday markets, Lud cleaned up this row of cow slips from weeds.

These row into a climber, which is why the post are already in place as you saw in the previous photo.

Tham working the iron buffalo in the next farm.

Digging up some of the field I showed Gaun in on Monday's update.

Bear and Tham's farm dog Pepsi in supervisory role this time. Keeping an eye on Bear who is working to add more shade cloth.

Gaun's teak tress are adding new leaves after the Isaan 'winter'.

The garlic has now been dried, bundled and hung in the farm's storeroom ready for another planting at some stage.

Even in at the end of winter, the farm still has splashes of colour.

The cow slip rows against a backdrop of bougainvillea, which has now mostly stopped flowering.

A neighbour pulled up and asked Gaun if she would cut some mulberry shoots from a shrub next to the road.

These are to be used as part of decoration in the village temple for a Buddhist festival happening on the 20th. I will cover this in my Isaan Life and Culture group. Gaun was quite happy to chop this mulberry back to basics, so because it had needed a trim.


And last photo, the mix of garden and farm I always love capturing. Chillies in the background.

Thanks for reading.



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