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Vansutha Farm Update Tuesday:

First published 5 April 2022

A mix of photos and words from this morning's visit. Enjoy.

The cow slip creepers are starting to creep 555.

And so Yuan and Lud are building the supporting trellis. Uprights here.

And crosspieces going in here.

Bamboo poles. I love the naturalness of structures like this. In the west everything is all sterile perfect straight lines, here not so much.

Yuan on the hammer strengthening the crosspieces.

It is funny that Yuan will often end up doing the more physical jobs.

While Lud attacheds the bamboo with wire.

All done with Gaun's garden as a backdrop.

Gaun in her normal good humour.

My long bean photo of the day.

Mama working to get spring onions ready to plant.

The trellis taking shape.

What a unique view that is for an Isaan farm.

The view to a neighbouring farm house.

Guess where I am from. Thank you, Phillip, for this statement of Aussiehood - not that I am nationalistic in any way.

G'day mate.

More bamboo crosspieces were needed, so they were harvested from supplies on the farm. Isaan ladies are born with a machete in their hands, so as I always remind guys - best to behave 555

Gaun heading off with masses of bamboo leaves after the branches are cut back.

And this is why there are never clear skies in Isaan. What can you do? Please don't tell me mulch, because it just isn't used here.

Lud off with a supply of poles.

Gaun helping out.

And Yuan with the final batch.

Dee Doh was on patrol the whole time. Protecting his family from local dangers.

Bear on the way to the markets with long beans.

Bamboo holing up the electricity wires so that sugar trucks can get underneath. I love the casual sensibleness of Isaan life. You'd get fined for this in Australia.

The ice truck stops alongside Gaun's roadside gardens. After some rubbish weather, it is lovely to have sunshine and warmer conditions.

Thanks for reading.



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