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Vansutha Farm Update Wednesday

A late afternoon visit today because Yuan and Lud were away from the farm this morning cutting bamboo. It was watering time when we arrived, a task that is undertaken by Yuan, with Lud helping to move the heavy hoses. There are set physical tasks each seems to self-allocate; watering and digging holes is Yuan while Lud does the machinery.

More trellis has been added to the long bean rows since we were here last.

And uprights cut to complete the task. Yuan told Gaun that next year she will use netting rather than this long-winded process, which makes sense.

Watering new tomato plants. You get a sense of the weight in that hose from Yuan's body.

Supervised by Lud who moves the hoses into place so that Yuan can more easily pull them along as she covers the rows.

New lettuce seedlings just coming out of the ground.

Lud collecting the last of the onions.

To be dried in the sun, hung and stored for the next planting.

A tropical photo just because I could.

These are the handmade bamboo ties I showed you last post, used to attach make the trellis.

Shown in use here.

Watering moves on to the long beans.

Lud on hose duty.

And then Gaun's gardens are watered as Yuan passes. This is a task they do every afternoon.

The scene as we left. Yuan finishing off for the day.

Thank you for reading.



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