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Vansutha farm Update Wednesday

Yuan phoned this afternoon to say that she had some bananas to give me, because she knows I like a banana smoothie. A few update photos resulted.

Although this is a quiet time for Yuan and Lud, the basic chores still get done like cutting the grass to keep everything looking neat.

Around the solar installation. With recent good rains, this hasn't been needed.

Yuan, Lud and Bear have been out cutting bamboo. It always has uses around the farm.

Yuan offered 500 baht for this, but the lady, who is a friend, wouldn't take it. Yuan was very happy.

Dee Doh camped out close to the fire. It's 20 degrees, so close to freezing for Isaan people.

For those of you who saw the post I did of Gaun's Valentine photos, here's my non-phone version.

And if you were confused about my reference to Gaun's concrete rabbit holding down the love-heart fern, this is what I meant.

Tony's bananas grown on Bear's farm.

Onions still drying undercover this time because of the rain.

The lettuce is making an appearance, and no longer needs coverage because of the cloud conditions.

Someone asked if Yuan would be using gloves to pick the chillies come the time. The answer is from Yuan is "bor", so no, she won't. 100 baht a kilo ATM.

Lots more rural stories HERE.

Thanks for reading.



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