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Vansutha Farm Update Wednesday

First published 2 March 2022

Yuan and Lud are continuing to work on preparing the 24 new rows they want to seed shortly, to provide crops to harvest for Songkran.

Bear had given Yuan some of what I referred to in a broad way as squash, but readers seem to think are actually zucchini. Whatever they are, they ended up in a bag for me to try at home.

I had to take this photo of Lud's essentials. Hat, glasses and tamarind seeds to chew on. A guaranteed trip to the dentist for me, but Lud seems to cope just fine.

Garlic continues to be dried ready to hand for the next planting.

Yuan preparing the frame for the shade cloth. They have six rows covered and are now preparing the next six. For some reason Yuan gets to do the hard digging work.

The stakes that support bamboo crosspieces,

Another batch on the way. 500 stories about Vansutha Farm HERE

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