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Vansutha farm Update Wednesday:

First published 9 March 2022


Vansutha Farm is located about 1 km from our home in northeast of Thailand and is owned by my wife Gaun and her younger sister Yuan and husband Lud. The daily farming operations are done by Yuan and Lud, while Gaun creates and maintains her gardens which surround the farmhouse. The farm grows sugarcane, and rice as a once a year operation and Yuan and Lud have a very successful market garden business, growing for long-term customers locally. We visit the farm for a coffee most mornings, and these visits form the basis of my regular updates, of which this is one.


If not for these posts I'd have no idea of the day of the week, and if fact have incorrectly labelled before. Happy Wednesday.

I reported yesterday that Yuan and Lud were on the hunt for more rice husk mulch. 20 bags were filled in the afternoon, which gives them enough to seed these twelve additional beds. The shade cloth they were in the process of erecting is now complete.

And also reported yesterday, Tom finished ploughing this large field.

And this one.

The emphasis this morning was on long beans. You can see that the paths in-between the rows have now been weeded and cleared. Only one more to go. A picture of perfection.

Yuan was working on hand making the thin bamboo ties that they use to attach the long bean shoots to the trellis.

I'd struggle with this even with my glasses on 555

And then straight into using them. The plants are growing very quickly now, and a lot of time is spent keeping the shoots under control to maximise future returns.

Yuan was telling Gaun that people in the markets have been asking her if they can buy chilli seeds from her, because Vansutha Farm chillies are so good. Gaun said to me, that it's not the seeds, it's the attention Yuan and Lud give to growing the chillies. People think that there's an easy solution to not putting in the effort to get good results. Usually that's not the case, like anything else in life.

The team.

This is the final path to be weeded, which I suspect Lud might be doing today once this task is completed.

You can see the shoots growing across the path behind Martin Crow(e). You'd almost finish tying them up and then have to start back at the beginning again.

My morning coffee spot as the temperatures increase and we have sunny starts to the day.

This is the same area before Gaun's magic touch. The granddaughter of a friend of ours helping plant one of these shrubs that are now well above my head and shading this space.

And the master gardener making alterations. Removing plants she isn't happy with........

......and replacing them with these copperleaf. Chopped from existing plants and just dug into the soil. A bit of water, and although they'll look a bat sad for a while, they will root and be a vibrant low hedge in no time.

I will report back on this as a 'before and after' at some stage.

The end of the westerly facing rows have had shade cloth extended to the sides. One to keep in mind, for the real Isaan farmers in the group.

And there's nothing like a nice back rub first thing in the morning. Thanks for preparing the soil Yuan and Lud.

Thanks for reading.



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