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Vansutha farm Update Wednesday:

First published 6 April 2022

60 kilos of long beans out the door this morning. Yuan could have sold more, but that was all that were ready. Still 25 baht a kilo, down from 40 baht same time last year. Very sad that they don't get full value for the effort they put in.

Costs keep going up. Yuan told Gaun that fertiliser she last bought at 800 baht a bag is now 1,200 baht. The fertiliser they use for sugar has gone from 500 baht when we moved here in 2014, to 1,500 baht in the peak time it is being applied (just before the rains).

The first few photos are from Gaun's phone, very early morning, and then the rest are mine when I joined the world at a sensible time of the day. Lud fans will see that he is in full character.

Early monring.

For whatever reason, Lud has dressed up for the occasion complete with a bit of face powder and flowers. Gaun's mama, who normally says nothing all day, asked Gaun "what is Lud doing?" 555.

The Lud long bean photo shoot.

When I arrived Yuan was still working on packing.

Yuan's office.

Lud's flowers were now in water. Three kilos of chillies in the background, which I think are still 70 baht a kilo.

Lovely quality beans.

Labelling the bags with weight.

An eight kilo order off to the village for a customer. The rest to be delivered by pickup truck soon.

Ready to go.

A few weeks ago Yuan, Lud and Bear got bamboo from a neighbour's farm, and he refused payment. Today was payback with produce from both Yuan and Bear heading out to his village.

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