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Wat Pathumpraphukao:

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

First published 20 June 2020

Another older post with photos from a visit we made to a local temple maybe 30 minutes drive from home. The temple itself is nothing special but the climb up to a very small cave, the monk house, lake and view at the very top is worth doing (in the cool season). Google Maps

Our little Mazda has been gone for over three years now so this is a blast from the past.

The climb to the top is clearly marked and you'd hardly call it a track. Bush-walking, in Australian terms.

This was cool season so the bamboo had lost its leaves. If you go late wet season Aug/Sept then all of this would be lovely green.

Stones are piled on top of each other for good luck.

Greenery as you get to the top of the hill.

If there is a monk in residence this is where he lives. Goodness knows how they got all of this up here as there's no road that I know of.

Set beside this pretty lake.

Further round are rocks and a small sleeping hut has been built for any monks who want to spend time in this area.

The view from the top makes the climb worthwhile.

There is a tiny cave, which is optimistically included in part of the name of this temple. To get to it, you have to climb this ladder.

You can get a couple of people inside but it is very small. A simple Buddha shrine.

Beautiful Autumn colours (cool season Nov - Feb)

Driving back I took this photo, which is one of my favourites of an Isaan rural scene.

Thanks for reading.



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