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Wat Rat Songkhro

First published 12 November 2021

We had some things to do in Udon Thani yesterday, and on the way home I wanted to check up on progress made on two wats I have been following for several years. Both have large construction cranes working, which is an indication of the size of their projects.

Very subtle. You can see from my pick-up truck that this is a massive structure.

Personally I think that if you've got a crane on-site you have lost the basis of whatever spiritual teachings the originator of that belief intended, but hey, good subjects for my photography, and it's not my money so go for it.

Just as Buddha intended.

The first temple is a mix of this massive new Buddha statue being constructed and a forest wat, which is the exact opposite of brash and large. You will find it close to highway 210 between Udon and Nong Bua Lamphu here:

Wow. The amount of steel in that is amazing. Transformers for those who follow the movies. You sort of expect him to get up and attack something!

This is inside the forest wat that sits behind the statue. All trees and more simplicity.

The main Buddha hall. Mostly timber, as is the way with the Thai Buddhist tradition.

And one of those wonderful tree root benches you see in temples like this.

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