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Welcome Home Peng

First published 3 April

Mama wasn't told that my stepdaughter Peng had returned home from university in Chiang Mai, so it was a delightful surprise for her this morning when we took Peng to the farm.

And a few family photos resulted, which will surprise no one.

This happy looking photo, is not what it seems because Yuan is talking to her son Game in Bangkok, who has just been tested with covid. He's waiting at a clinic to get medicine.

Sisters Yuan and Gaun.

Peng. Not a posed shot. It is easy to photo this lady looking good.

Cool again today, and mama and Peng are warming by the fire.

Yuan back to work preparing onions to be planted later today.

And a few lovely shots of Peng with her very beloved grandma.

Hungry work, so sticky rice was put on the fire to toast.

With an egg and salt coating.

Pure Isaan.

Thanks for reading.



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