A very comprehensive account of the building process I went through constructing our house in northern Isaan. With over 940 pages and 128,000 words, this is a unique investment to help you plan, design, and construct your dream home.


Happy readers:


  • I've just about finished reading your E-book. It was compelling and inspirational, and I have taken much guidance from it. The photos in particular brought alive and gave a more thorough explanation, than you would normally find online. I'm sure the connection to the FB group will also be invaluable going forward.
  • While we are beyond the design stage, the knowledge gained from your experience will be extremely helpful as we proceed with the construction phase.
  • A big takeaway from me is how you have managed the tropical weather, so you can enjoy spending time outside, while maintaining a cooler environment inside. I do see a number of challenges ahead, more apparent after reading your book. The front of the property is unavoidably facing due south. While the eaves will provide some protection from the mid-day sun, it will be some time before we can provide some tree cover.The outdoor living area is at the rear, courtyard style.
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for making the monumental effort to document and share the journey of your project build and then subsequently updating it. 


If you'd like to read a sample chapter here's a download link: HERE 


To get an idea of what's covered in the book here is the Table of Contents: HERE 


The investment in this book is US20 or approximately 600 baht, and you will save vastly more than this in time, frustration and expenses - guaranteed. 

Building a House in Thailand